My favourite things (vol. 11)

Hello chaps and chapesses!

I hope your week has been jolly and sparkly and smiley.


Here are a few things that have been making me smile lately:

Me time: I had a day off on Wednesday, and I spent it in Chester getting my hair cut, having my make up done, and shopping.  And it was lovely.

Short hair:  I’ve gone back to my short hair this week, and I’m loving it – it feels so much more ‘me’.

Fancy nail varnish:  I treated myself to some fancypants Nails Inc. nail varnish this week.  I’m currently sporting a bright neon pink, which is making me feel bright and sunshiney and ready for the summer.

A laid-back morning:  Graeme went to work early on Friday, so I got up with him, about half an hour earlier than normal, made a cup of tea and then got back into bed in my dressing gown, and spent a bit of time catching up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a few blogs.  It was a lovely, relaxed way to start the day.

Crafting:  I spent a lovely couple of hours with some friends at the Spotty Pig in Chester, which is a craft cafe where you can paint an item of your choice while enjoying a drink and a natter.

What’s been making you smile of late?

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